15 October 2013

Jimmy Michaels Presents The Dan Tanna Songbook For Living (Comp. 2007)

Jimmy Michaels has given us
permission to enjoy one of
his legendary compilations.
This is a 70's masterpiece.
Centered around the show
Vegas which starred robert Urich
who years earlier made his TV debut
on the series S.W.A.T.
I also received from him
Volume 2 of this series.
I will be posting that depending
on how many comments I get.
I can't say enough about
the tracks Jimmy himself
remixed on this volume.
01-Dominic Frontiere - Theme From Vega$
02-Dave Gold - Big City Closing
03-P. Milray - Your Finest Hour
04-Walter Murphy - Vegas
05-Alexander Blonkstiener - Impossible Love Part 2
06-Brian Bennett - Sidetrack
07-Sylvester Stallone - Tough Comment
08-Mark Duval - Hot Shot
09-Dave Gold - Paradise Island
10-Keith Mansfield - Bow Street Runner
11-Charles Blaker & Kevin Hiatt - Crazy In Love
12-Bill Conti - Come With Me (The Rich Bastard Theme)
13-The Dick Hazard Orchestra - A Brand New Day
14-Gordon Reed - Touch And Go
15-Alexander Blonkstiener - Boys And Girls
16-The Bruton Music Orchestra - Airport
17-David Lindup - Flash, Bang, Wallop
18-Jack Jones - Wives And Lovers (Special Disco Mix)
19-Dave Gold - High Life
20-Wayne Newton - Don't Wish Too Hard_Any Fool Can See/Rhythm Rhapsody
21-Paul Anka - Together Again
22-Bill Conti - Overture (Part 3)



  1. FANTASTIC COMPILATION, love and dig this stuff ... sound is flawless, ty COLOUR Z for taking the time to dig these great jams ... and to have gotten the permission to post these ... EXCELLENT WORK ...

  2. Never saw the show Vega$, well before my time, from what I read sounds like a cool show, Was this the actual music played in the show?
    Never knew Wayne Newton did some Disco. Kinda funny hearing him do Barry White's Any Fool Can See. Lots of great instrumental pieces Bill Conti, one of my favorites always remember him for Rocky's Theme. Overture Part 3 is from the end of Rocky, love this discofied version. Awsome work Colourzone, Thank you!

  3. Dreamin,
    Not all the music was played on the show but it definetly brings about the feeling of the show. I think that is what Jimmy was trying to achieve here.
    Like the title implies it is the music soundtrack of a lifestyle, Glad your diggin' on it !

  4. Hello Dj Colourzone and thanks To Jimmy 4 this compilation Vegas .Murphy , Frontiere and Conti , So Boogie ;) .Thanks

  5. amazing and great compil
    so many thanks for it and for the work you do!!

  6. Just pressed the D/L button-you have now idea how excited I am about this! great big thanks to both of you!

  7. thank you for sharing this great compilation. i can't wait to play it. cb

  8. Where is Jimmy nowadays? He is a genious longing songs and I love his work.
    We used to share in the past in slsk but I've lost his clue for years. Nevertheless, I still looking for mixes made by him 'cause they're real pleasure and treasure!


    Take care my friend wherever you are.

    Thanks Colourzone for bringing to us his work and thanks to Jimmy M for allowing it.

  9. this is wonderful! thanks.

  10. Hi Paul Colourzone,

    I just found your site via a link from DiscoConnection's Blog.
    So it's my first time here and my first impression is: AMAZING site !!
    ...will need some time to calmly check all your entries & postings....

    Just finished listening to the "Jimmy Michaels Pres. Dan Tanna" Compilation.
    oh man, this is FANTASTIC !! Many sparkling & exciting tunes from the 70s that I never heard of before, all put together in this wonderful compilation. I have many library LP's with this luscious fusion of Disco & Easy-Listening, really love that kind of Sound.
    Great work with this Compilation, wonderful selection of Tracks, I love it.
    MANY THANKS for posting it, and, of course I'm sooo much curious about a Volume 2....

    also many Thanks for your great Blog and all the work behind it...