4 May 2018

RE-UP - Knights In White Satin (Colourzone 12'' Mix)

Here is a 12'' Version 
taken from the LP Suite 
and edited without 
the other parts.
the title is also a departure from
the original by exchanging
Nights for Knights and
completely changing the

1 May 2018

Re- Up...The Impressions - Our Love Goes On And On (Colourzone Disco Version)

Re-Up by Request.
Done in 2012.

Larry Levan's Legendary Thunderstorm Intro-Mix

Over Long and completely 
random moment that 
Larry Levan 
created at the Garage on 
a couple of occasions. 
One of those WTF moments 
no one understood at the time. 
Yet, it became the stuff of legend. 
Completely recreated from an old 
Cassette recording with the full impact 
of what Larry was trying accomplish. 
I remember everybody standing 
around on the floor awe struck 
and dumbfounded...
And then...
The Beats started the crescendo !
That was that.
I promised a friend I would eventually 
get around to recreating this. 
Enjoy Michael Vinyl.

7 March 2018

Re-Up...Don't Walk Away (Dj Colourzone Extended Edit)

Super Soul with Feeling
and Conviction.
They just don't make'm like
this anymore.

Re-Up...Saint Or Sinner (Dj Colourzone Extended Edit)

Super-Catchy British

Re-Up...Give Me Love With The Music (Colourzone Extended Edit)

Rare and Funky track,
respectfully extended.
How can you not love a girl with huge
pink hair?

I Wanna See You Soon (Colourzone Extended Edit)

Edited circa 2008.

Re-Up...Daydreamin' (Dj Colourzone Extended Edit)

Re-Up...Jazz Funk Monster Track.